AI Momayaz Company tankers are differentiated because they can tolerate high temperature degrees and are altra- violet radiation resistant which fits the Iraq climate, they are unbreakable and unbendable. It is fabricated from polyethylene.

Materials which are specialized in manufacturing the light low-density tanks which is internationally approved for manufacturing catering and water tanks, it also contains the (UV) substance which is a sun-rayresistance. The tank is composed of either one, two or three layers of the same weight and thickness.

The tank is manufactured from one piece, so there is no way for Leakage or draining, also it is maintenance free.

The used materials in manufacturing are original materials 100% and not recycled, it does not contain any additional fibers, harden industrial materials or any harmful chemical substances, so it is healthy to use.

The inner surface of the tank is smooth, so ii does not allow the growth of mosses or bacteria.

The tank is provided with a cover which prevents the dust from going in, also it contains an opening in the bottom supported with a metallic copper connection to facilitate the fitting process.

Water storage tankers vary in dimensions and sizes, horizontally and vertically, start from 100 liters to 30000 liters. We are ready to manufacture tanks in any shape or size with specific characteristics according to demand.

Thermo-isolation tanks could be manufactured to maintain appropriate temperature.

For chemical, catering, and oil products the tanks will be manufactured with special characteristic according to demand.